Within Our Church Buildings

 The St Andrew's Vestry is exploring ways in which to open up the church building, not only by making it more disability friendly, but also by creating additional spaces within it or around it in which acts of service to the local community and social events can take place.  Given its architectural significance, this is a challenging task that must be 'got right', so please do hold our explorations in your prayers.  In particular, please pray that the Vestry will make the right decisions - decisions that are according to God's will and that will enable a true 21st century ministry here.



Upcoming Services over the Festive Period

Sunday 17th December - 5.00pm- Lessons and Carols in Church



Inclusive Kelso Church

Tuesday 19th December - 3.00pm - Carols at Grove House

Wednesday 20th December - 3.00pm - Carols at Kerfield Court

Thursday 21st December - 5.00pm - 'A Quiet Christmas' Service at St Andrews'

Sunday 24th December - Christmas Eve

5.00pm - Crib Service

11.15pm - Midnight Mass

Monday 25th December - Christmas Day

8.30am - Holy Communion for Christmas (BCP)

10.00am - All Age Sung Eucharist for Christmas Day (1982 Liturgy)


The Kelso Food Bank   

 St Andrew"s Church are very proud to work with The Kelso Food Bank.

Donations are always gratefully received and can be left in the Food Bank box which is situated in St Andrew's church during the hours of daylight or at the Kelso North Office (Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30-12:30 and 1:30-3pm). The following is the list of goods that are used by the food bank to make up the parcels for those in need:

Cereals, pasta, rice, biscuits, tea, coffee, jam, marmalade, pasta sauce, 

tins of; soup, baked beans, spaghetti,  macaroni, fish, meat, tomatoes, potatoes, other vegetables, fruit and puddings.

This week the Food bank urgently needs the following: Jam and Potatoes. Either tinned or instant mash.


Within the Local Community


We have a team of lay Pastoral Visitors for St Andrew's, developed after the Acorn Christian Listening training that took place during Lent 2012.  This team aims to serve the needs of the sick and housebound.

If you would like to receive a visit from a member of the team, or know someone who might appreciate a visit, please contact the Prebendary Bob King on 01573 224163 or email rectorofkelso@gmail.com.


The Women's Fellowship


Please contact Pat King if you would like any additional information. 015723 224163



Open Gardens  - that we were blessed to have access to this Summer                     

                                               WELLGATE GARDEN in the centre of MOREBATTLE.


Wellgate is now officialy part of the Quiet Gardens Scheme.  This is a worldwide organisation that fosters the provision of quiet spaces, small and large, creating sanctuaries of still and refreshment. They are found in churches, retreat centres, schools and private gardens like Wellgate.

Anybody seeking peace and quiet in a garden can come here on both Fridays and Sundays.  Of course if we are there with a little time to spare a cup of tea or coffee would be forthcoming, but part of the point of doing this is to enable people to enjoy the garden, small as it is, without involving anybody else.  Wellgate is the Old Manse, is next to the kirk, a white Georgian block of a house.


We hope people will respect the garden and not nick cuttings. These can be provided if you ask: there are probably little plants potted up by the greenhouse to be purchased and small sums for charity can be left.


Matilda and Douglas Hall.


01573 440 687

If you wish for the St Andrew's website to mention that you have a garden that you open to visitors and for charity, please do not hesitate to let us know and we can add the details here. Please contact Hannah McWalter on hgabmcwalter@gmail.com