“Be still, and know that I am God”. We have created a Prayer Space in front of the altar in the Lady Chapel, with visual aids and suggestions for personal reflection. These will be changed monthly,and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas for future themes. Rev Grace Redpath will be delighted to discuss ideas with you.

This month’s Prayer Space, “Thank You”, has been created by Sandie Goddard. There is an opportunity to place personal notes of thanks on the board in the Prayer Space in Church, but if you wish, you can use the comments box on the website and your thanks will be added for you, either by name or anonymously, as you wish.



 Sandie says: Giving our thanks to God.

Everyday we have reasons to thank God, but usually it is for the bigger things in our lives. Since moving to Kelso I have more things to be thankful for than ever before, but for a lot of you these things will seem either trivial or even downright strange. I walked into my utility room one morning and just said a quiet ‘thank you’ to God for the room which , because it makes my life easier and is something I’ve always wanted, was at that moment a real blessing. This made me laugh but also set me thinking about the other things that I am thankful for that are ordinary but ‘out of the ordinary’ when it comes to thanking God. I came up with quite a list which I won’t set out here but am happy to tell if you ask me.

I then thought about the things that would be top of my list when thanking God, of course my family come near the top, but right now, as always, at number one is my husband, with my new home, being led to Kelso and to St Andrew’s and all the lovely people we have met here jointly at number two.

I am hoping I might set you thinking of things that enrich your lives but for which you don’t always give specific thanks.

 I would like you to write one small thing on one of the cards and pin it to the board. You don’t have to put your name unless you want to do so.

Thank you to our God and to all of you for welcoming us.





Some suggestions for giving thanks:-

Or thinking outside the box!


In the Eucharist we thank God for His glorious Gospel, because it is the right thing to do, because He is a loving father, because He is Lord of all, because He loves us, because He is gracious and for all in whom Christ has been honoured. Many of the Psalms begin with thanks to God for His goodness and in many passages of the Bible we read of a reason to give thanks or about someone giving thanks to God. All of these seem to be for the big things, but I would like you to think of other individual things.

Have you ever thought of thanking God for that comfy pair of shoes? For the clean and drinkable water from the tap? For the bed you sleep in at night? For music and song? For a smile from a stranger or a random act of kindness? For the  coat that  protects you from the cold and rain? For the colour of a flower, for the perfume of a rose? For silence, for choice, for a holiday or an unexpected hour to yourself? For the blue of the sky, refreshing rain or the heat from the sun? For the bees and the birds or the dog or cat that gives you comfort and unquestioning love?

Are you getting the idea? I hope I’ve set you thinking.























Something to think about:-

I may never see tomorrow, there’s no written guarantee;
And the things that happened yesterday belong to history

I can’t predict the future. I cannot change the past.
I have just this precious moment, I must treat it as my last.

I must use this moment wisely, for it soon shall pass away
And be lost to me forever as part of yesterday.

 I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet;
Be a friend to the friendless; make an empty life complete.

The unkind thing I do today may never be undone:
And friendships that I fail to win may never more be won.

I may not have another chance on bended knees to pray:
And thank God with a humble heart for giving me this day.

Author unknown.





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The Prayer Board


You are invited to leave personal prayers on the Prayer Board. These will be included in our Intercessions at the mid-week Communion Service each Wednesday for four weeks, and then respectfully removed.

We always remember in our prayers the residents of Queen’s House, Murray House, Evanthea House, and Grove House, together with all who receive Holy Communion at home. 

We continue to hold Sandra Wright in our prayers as she trains to be a Lay Reader.

And we pray especially for Helen Machin, who was part of the St.Andrew’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land last year. She is doing a sponsored bike ride from Sept 15-23.

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