“Be still, and know that I am God”. We have created a Prayer Space in front of the altar in the Lady Chapel, with visual aids and suggestions for personal reflection. These will be changed monthly,and everyone is welcome to contribute ideas for future themes. Rev Grace Redpath will be delighted to discuss ideas with you.
On Advent Sunday,  Rt Rev Dr John Armes,The Bishop of Edinburgh, blessed this new “Prayer Space” Cross, designed and hand-made by Sandie Goddard


The Prayer Space Cross

I wanted to represent  St Andrew’s church and the surrounding area and so I looked at the decoration already in our church. 
Our youngest grandchildren identified and listed all the colours in the two stained glass windows by the prayer space for me to use. I have attempted to use all these colours and some of the other decorative features in the work.
My early thoughts led me to the use of an application method of one particular colouring medium to represent the design.
Equally the shape of the cross became the only possible shape for the work to physically fit both the corner and the required  wording.
I see this cross shape as not only being the cross of the crucifixion and symbol of Christianity but of a figure with arms opening wide to welcome all to pray.
The design of the background  fabric represents at face value the landscape that surrounds Kelso with the river, hills and valleys and also the movement of water and the clouds of the sky. Both of these things always moving and changing but constant here on the cross.   (Bob saw these as waves of peace and no doubt there will be other personal interpretations.)
The blue fabric of the letters links the windows, carpet and chairs in church as well as the fabric often used in the prayer corner installations. It was chosen specifically for its colour which would be visible all around the church building and also for the design upon it which to me look like seeds. This again references the agriculture of the Borders as well as sowing the word of God and the bosses on the beam across the chancel  which  at certain angles look like  seeds.
Over the cross are small areas of silver beadwork and lines of gold-work following designs developed from the decoration of the chancel ceiling and the artwork on the pulpit. These also reflect the gold and silver on the windows and around church.
The whole work refers to the love of God, the wonders of nature and the gifts, skills and creativity that God has given to us to enjoy, as well as the gift of an invitation to prayer.
I would particularly like to thank Peter Tucker who translated my ideas and measurements into a good, solid frame for the  work and for fixing it all  securely  to the wall.    Sandra Goddard.

This month’s Lent theme has been prepared by Julie Golding.


Lent can often be seen as a time of deep introspection. However, Henri Nouwen speaks of the simple questions that are really important when we consider how we treat ourselves and respond to family, friends and the people we encounter every day. The answers to these questions are often the root of burdens that we carry; such as guilt, shame and unforgiveness.
God loves us. He wants us to enjoy the fullness of life that Jesus won for us through His death and resurrection. He doesn’t want us to carry burdens that are too heavy, that weigh us down and steal our joy, our relationships and our self-respect. God asks us to ‘cast our burdens onto Him, because He cares for us.’
The questions can help you to identify any burdens that you are carrying. Don’t be afraid; Jesus did not come to condemn us, but to save us. He loves you unconditionally. 
If you have a burden that you would like to let go of; see yourself putting it inside a large sack, box, or other container. Then, imagine walking towards Jesus, who stands with His hands outstretched ready to receive it. Jesus is love. Feel the warmth and acceptance of the love that pours out of Him. As you reach Jesus, see His hands open to receive your burden and when you’re ready, release it into His hands. You may want to ask for and receive His forgiveness as you release the burden. Watch what He does with it, remembering that He promises to cast our transgressions away as far as the East is from the West and remembers them no more. But don’t stop there! God longs to give good gifts to His people. Ask Him what good thing He has for you to take the place of the burden you have given to Him? 
This Lent, as we move towards Easter; get ready to experience your own personal resurrection into New Life.  





    The Prayer Board

You are invited to leave personal prayers on the Prayer Board. These will be included in our Intercessions at the mid-week Communion Service each Wednesday for four weeks, and then respectfully removed.

We always remember in our prayers the residents of Queen’s House, Murray House, Evanthea House, and Grove House, together with all who receive Holy Communion at home. 

We continue to hold Sandra Wright in our prayers as she trains to be our Lay Reader.




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