Welcome to St. Andrew’s, Kelso.

Belmount Place, Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7JB

Rector: Rev Prebendary Bob King Tel: 01573 224163

Associate Priest: Rev Grace Redpath Tel: 01573 450752

Office: 01573 229591 (Currently closed but the phone will be answered)

e-mail standrewskelso@gmail.com / rectorofkelso@gmail.com

We are an Eco-congregation




Sadly, there are to be no further services at this time, and we are unable to leave the Church open.

The Rector explains:

Dear St Andrew’s Congregation

It is with very heavy hearts, following the decision made by the Scottish Episcopal College of Bishops today, that we have made the decision to suspend all services in St Andrew’s Church Kelso with immediate effect.
This is a very sad decision to have made but it follows advice from the Scottish Government and our own Province.
All other activities will regrettably be suspended, and this will continue until we receive permission to resume again.
We are conscious of the enormity of this decision and we will do our very best to stay in contact with everyone on a regular basis by phone, email, text and the website.
The website at http://standrewskelso.co.uk  will be updated regularly and we will post links to YouTube presentations by the clergy of this church and beyond.
Our church Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/standrewskelso/ and Bob’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/bob.king.54 will also have very regular updates.
Bob and Grace will continue to do all that they can within the constraints we now find ourselves in and can be contacted at any time via the church phone number 01573 229591.
Loneliness could become a big factor over the next few weeks and so we urge you to use your Church Directories and contact each other by phone and chat. You don’t need a reason to ring!!
We will keep you regularly updated
With our love and prayers
Bob, Grace, Keith and Peter

A Prayer
O Christ Jesus,
when all is darkness 
and we feel our weakness and helplessness,
give us the sense of Your presence,
Your love, and Your strength. 
Help us to have perfect trust 
in Your protecting love
and strengthening power,
so that nothing may frighten or worry us,
for, living close to You,
we shall see Your hand,
Your purpose, Your will through all things. 
St Ignatius of Loyola















 Thoughts for the Season of Lent:

Prayer ideas & suggestions for Lent 2020

This diary is intended to help you make the 2020 season of Lent special. The ideas and suggestions are not an exhaustive list but pointers for you as you make your observance of Lent this year. I pray that you will find it helpful and assist you during these most important 40 days.    Prebendary Bob King February 2020

Put your Jar of Grace out where you eat and each time you have a meal put a coin or note in it as a token of Thanksgiving and then bring the money to church after Easter to support Project Embabazi and The Open Door which are the charities selected as the Bishop of Edinburgh Lent Appeal 2020.

Do you want to FAST this Lent?   (courtesy of Pope Francis – Lent 2019)

  • FAST from hurting words, and say kind words
  • FAST from sadness, and be filled with gratitude
  • FAST from anger, and be filled with patience
  • FAST from pessimism, and be filled with hope
  • FAST from worries, and trust in God
  • FAST from complaints, and contemplate simplicity
  • FAST from pressures, and be prayerful
  • FAST from bitterness, and fill your heart with joy
  • FAST from selfishness, and be compassionate to others
  • FAST from grudges, and be reconciled
  • FAST from words, and be silent so you can listen

      The Lent Diary for the week ahead:

Our Lent Diary continues:
Monday March 23rd:
Pray for everyone affected by the coronavirus, especially those known to us personally.
Tuesday March 24th:
Open the Bible randomly and select 2 verses. Read them several times and then meditate on them and maybe tell someone about them
Wednesday March 25th:
Make a list of some of the good things in your life and thank God for them
Thursday March 26th:
Pray for our queen and Parliaments,local councillors and  decision-makers .
Friday March 27th:
What does your faith really mean to you?
Saturday 28th March:
Be a little selfish today. Pray for yourself and treat yourself in some way
Sunday March 29th: Remember to put your clock forward!
Think about your antics as a teenager and pray for all teenagers and parents

Click the link to access the full diary.




The Church is usually open daily. The formidable front door will yield as you turn the handle, and lights will come on as you enter, to welcome you. But sadly, the Coronavirus crisis has forced us to suspend all services and  close the Church until further notice

There is level access for services, via the backdoor, through the gate at the left side of the Church.

St Andrew’s is part of the Diocese of Edinburgh within the Scottish Episcopal Church, which is itself part of the world-wide Anglican Communion

We are committed to exploring ways in which we can serve God both within our church families and in and around our local communities. We also play a full part in our town’s ecumenical ‘Churches Together’ groups, sharing occasional services and pieces of outreach work with the local Church of Scotland congregations, the Quakers and the Roman Catholics.

An introduction to the Scottish Episcopal Church


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