Welcome to St. Andrew’s, Kelso.

Belmount Place, Kelso, Scottish Borders TD5 7JB

Rector: Rev Prebendary Bob King Tel: 01573 224163

Associate Priest: Rev Grace Redpath Tel: 01573 450752

Office: 01573 229591 (Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-noon)

e-mail standrewskelso@gmail.com / rectorofkelso@gmail.com

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“One Thousand Men are Walking”

One thousand men are walking

Walking side by side

Singing songs from home

The spirit as their guide.

They walk toward the light milord,

They walk towards the sun,

They smoke and laugh and smile together,

No foes to outrun.

These men live on forever

In the hearts of those they saved,

A nation truly grateful

For the path of peace they paved.

They march as friends and comrades

But they do not march for war,

Step closer to salvation,

A tranquil steady corps.

The meadows lit with golden beams

A beacon for the brave,

The emerald grass untrampled,

A reward for what they gave.

They dream of those they left behind

And know they dream of them,

Forever in those poppy fields

There walks one thousand men.

Joshua Dyer – 2019 (aged 14)







The Church is open daily. The formidable front door will yield as you turn the handle, and lights will come on as you enter, to welcome you.

There is level access for services, via the backdoor, through the gate at the left side of the Church.

St Andrew’s is part of the Diocese of Edinburgh within the Scottish Episcopal Church, which is itself part of the world-wide Anglican Communion

We are committed to exploring ways in which we can serve God both within our church families and in and around our local communities. We also play a full part in our town’s ecumenical ‘Churches Together’ groups, sharing occasional services and pieces of outreach work with the local Church of Scotland congregations, the Quakers and the Roman Catholics.

An introduction to the Scottish Episcopal Church


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