The Church is open for regular services once again.

Service times  
 Wednesdays 10am (1982 Liturgy)
Sundays 8.30am (SPB) and 10am (1982)


                Holy Communion will be celebrated at each service.

The Church will continue to be open for personal prayer every
Thursday morning from 10am-noon

Social distancing rules will apply,and we are constrained to accommodate a maximum of 50 attendees per service. Please see the Weekly News page for full details of the restrictions.

       Our online service will continue here, so we can minister to everyone, at home or in Church.

 So we hope you enjoy this Sunday’s Service, with words from Bob and Grace, and a few hymns.
There is a link at the very end to the Scottish Episcopal Church’s weekly service.



Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Click on the “Play” arrow, and then the  whole service will flow from segment to segment.

Once the video is playing, scroll to the very bottom right corner and click the broken square next to the You Tube logo, to view everything in full screen.

So, let us go – or stay -in peace ,to love and serve the Lord, wherever we are and however we can.

In the name of Christ, Amen





Click here for the broadcast service from the Scottish Episcopal Church