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This page will summarise the latest  Coronavirus (and any other) news, followed by a transcript of the current Sunday Service

Click the link below for the transcript for our service for February 28th, the Second Sunday of Lent. This will open in Word. You can of course watch it in full, with music, on the Online Service page.

Weekly News Feb 28th

Latest news:
From Rev Grace Redpath, Associate Priest

Keith Redpath, Rector’s Warden
Sandie Goddard, People’s Warden

Wednesday, 17th February 2021

Dear Members and Friends of St Andrew’s,

It’s with much pleasure and great joy that we are writing to let you know that Bob has been appointed a Canon of St Mary’s Cathedral Chapter, Edinburgh by Bishop John with immediate effect. Therefore, Prebendary Bob King now becomes Reverend Canon Bob King.

We are delighted that Bob’s wisdom and breadth of experience in parish ministry has been recognised in this way. The contribution he has made here in Kelso and also further afield within our community and in the diocese is well worthy of this honour. We know that Bob, with his many gifts, has much to offer in terms of his knowledge of the most effective ways of cultivating and growing life within the church. In addition, he is someone with vision for the future. And so, we’re sure you will join with us in offering Bob our warmest congratulations.

In these days of lockdown good news like this lifts our spirits, and we look forward to the day when we can, as the congregation of St Andrew’s, make the trip to Edinburgh for Bob’s Installation as Canon, followed by a very happy celebration to mark the occasion.

We are very proud of him and so pleased to share this news with you all.

With our love and prayers,

 Grace, Keith & Sandie


Read the latest Letters to the Congregation from Bob and Grace:
Zoom into Lent/Prayer and Care

St Andrew’s Episcopal Church Kelso

Friday 22nd January 2021

Dear Members and Friends of St Andrew’s

We thought we should drop you a note to touch base as we continue to journey through the new Lockdown restrictions.
It goes without saying that we deeply miss seeing many of you at services, but it is good that we can keep in touch via the telephone and email. Please do not be afraid to call us at any time. We are never too busy to talk.
We are trying our best to maintain prayer within the church and so we say Morning prayer as regularly as we can,

Part of our new routine is to pray for every member of the congregation by name over a period of four weeks. To achieve this, we have divided our list of members up into groups of 5 or 6 and we pray for a different group each day. Should you wish not to be prayed for please let one of us know. We are not publishing the list of the names as we would need to obtain permission from each of you to do this. We may have a bit more time on our hands, but this would be just a step too far!!

We are continuing to record a service each week that is broadcast online and can be accessed via our Website at:


At present we are getting well over a 100 people watching via various mediums each week which delights us.
Lent is rapidly approaching, and we have decided to venture into the world of “Zoom” to provide a weekly study.

Lent Studies: There will be two identical courses starting on Monday 22nd February and Thursday 25th February, at 3.30pm on Zoom, lasting around an hour, and running for 5 weeks.
The subject will be “Hymns” and each week we will take a well-known hymn, listen to it, and then talk about it. Our plan is to make it informative, interactive and fun.

No experience is necessary to join the Lent Zoom. All we ask is that you send Bob an email saying you would like to take part and then we will send you a Zoom invitation. This is a new venture for us, and we hope that many of you will join in and while away the long afternoons before the clocks change.
Apart from all that, we send you our love and prayers and thank each one of you for being YOU. We are quite overwhelmed by the love and encouragement we receive and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We leave you with this thought:

You may think that you are completely insignificant in this world. 
But someone drinks coffee from the favourite mug you gave them.
Someone heard a song on the radio that reminds them of you.
Someone read the book that you recommended and plunged headfirst into it.
Someone, who wondered what they might feed to their family this evening, finds a cooked meal on their doorstep.
Someone smiled after a hard day’s work, because they remembered the joke you told them.
Someone looks at the flowers you had delivered to them and is thankful for your kindness.
Someone loves and accepts themselves a little bit more, because you encouraged them; you gave them a compliment. 
Never think that you have no influence. Your trace, the trace you leave behind with every good and kind deed cannot be erased.

With our love and prayers
Bob & Grace

The Lent Diary

As you know, we are now in the Season of Lent.
As usual we have produced a Lent Diary which gives you a pointer for prayer or action each day plus a prayer for Key Workers.

Click here for the Lent Diary as an A4  Word document or an A5 Booklet

Lent Diary A4

Lent booklet to print

If you would like a hard copy of the Diary we can print one for you and post it. Please have a word with Bob or Grace.
This is also the time when we traditionally have a Jar of Grace which we put some money in each time we have a meal during Lent and then we send the money to the Bishop’s Lent Appeal after Easter


Needing something to do during Lockdown?

Here is a suggestion from Sandie Goddard, our People’s Warden: Knit a Teddy!

Dear All,

Happy New Year!  Yet again we are in lockdown and this time it is not exactly gardening-weather so it has been suggested that we might consider a project to help to pass the time. We are suggesting making knitted teddies with drawstring bags for them to go in. 

These are then sent/given to children who have lost their homes and belongings, are refugees or have suffered some kind of trauma. Some of you may have come across these before, but if not they are simple to knit, use small amounts of double knitting wool and are stuffed with stitched faces.

We need knitters, ‘stuffers and stitchers’ and bag-makers so if you are at all interested please contact me in the first place by phone or email then I will give you a pattern and a picture.  Phone 07749711661, 01573 348178 or sandicraft@talktalk.net 

We are suggesting that the non-knitters may like to do the stuffing, stitching up and making the facial features and stitchers may like to make the bags. Of course if you want to do the whole thing then that’s fine.  

Pat has a supply of wool from ‘Craft and Chat’, I am proposing buying a large bag (or two) of wadding for the stuffing and I also have plenty of thread for stitching up and features. All or any of these can be brought to you.

Here’s hoping that we get some takers for the project.

All the best,

Sandie Goddard – People’s Warden

07749711661, 01573 348178 or sandicraft@talktalk.net 


The Prayer Space

On The Prayer Space page you will find  an Ecumenical Call to Prayer in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, and several other prayers helpful in our current circumstances.


Clergy day off

Please note that Bob and Grace are taking Saturday as their day off until further notice.




Statutory Accounts

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