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This page will carry the latest  Coronavirus (and any other) news, followed by a transcript of the current Sunday Service

Coronavirus latest: The Rector writes:

Dear St Andrews Congregation


I am so excited to be able to tell you that at long last we can open the church for short periods for private prayer. The Bishop of Edinburgh has given his permission after a request from the Vestry that the church be re-opened. This has been made possible by the announcement on Thursday by the First Minister on behalf of the Scottish Government.

So, to cut to the chase. The church will be open during the following times.

Sunday Afternoons (from 28th June) 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Thursday Mornings (from 25th June) 10.00 am to Noon.

There will of course be restrictions and firstly we would like you to bring your own mask.

Sadly, all hugging, kissing, singing and hand-holding will need to be virtual as we maintain social distancing.

We won’t be able to have any public prayers as that would contravene the gathering restrictions and there will not be an opportunity for coffee, bacon rolls or any other refreshments.

There will be a one-way system entering through the main door and leaving via the back door (passing the loos which will be closed)

The GOOD NEWS is that you will be able to enjoy being back in the building, light a candle, pray, smile, reflect, dream and remember why this building is truly a place of inclusivity and prayer.

Grace and I will be there to assist as you drop in for a short period of time with God.

That’s it!  The rest we will sort out as it arises but please be assured that our main concern is the safety and well – being of everyone and so we ask you to play your part in enabling us all to stay safe, protect others and save lives.

Loving God, we thank you that we are able to meet in your name after all these weeks. We remember those who cannot be with us for any reason and we pray that together we may grow stronger in life and faith. Amen

With my love and prayers


Please call me if you have any questions 01573 224163

Additional Notice

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Sunday Service

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